Our Fathers, Who Art…in LIFE

For some reason, I can’t seem to escape the connections with my personal life and what is happening in the universe. I always think I have an idea of what is relevant to me and my reflections, then something will present itself and I’ll know in that moment…THIS is what I have to share. Our fathers, who art…in LIFE. This phrase should sound somewhat familiar. In the Book of Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 9; this expression begins the “Our Father Prayer.” Most of us learn it as small children. And as strange as it may seem, so many of us have an easier time imagining the goodness of “Our Father” in heaven than we ever have in imagining the goodness of “our father”...

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Overcast, With More Rain Expected: A Response to Civil Unrest

Our nation has been asthmatic for generations. I don’t think it coincidental the parallel to our nation’s condition and the symptoms of the coronavirus. We all have to be ESSENTIAL WORKERS if something is gonna change. Liberty and justice can’t survive social distancing. We all have to get to work.

Unfortunately, wearing masks won’t stop the contagion of injustice.

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