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Friendship, one of the support systems we need throughout life, has a striking resemblance to a bra. With bras, a woman needs a good fit and proper support; depending on what activity she is doing or what she is wearing. The same is true for friendships.

Let’s take a look at these similarities to see what type of friendship we are, as well as find what type of support we actually need.

So, in pure Dawn fashion, I’ve created an acronym for BRA-S – Battle-Ready Reinforcement and Assistance (for your Sister).


With life comes so many challenges; especially in the life of women. Not only do we have our dreams and aspirations, but then we must also take on and support the dreams and aspirations of our life partners and children. Many times, putting our own goals on the backburner so others can flourish. We are the nurturers and adjusters, even in friendship.

While we try to hold up the burdens of the world, we wear the burden of being the primary supporter to so many – the children, sometimes our siblings, and our friends. We work the 9-5s, and then rush to provide what is needed from 6-10pm in the evening with personal meetings, sporting and social events, and church. Not to mention preparing dinner and helping with homework.

Then, we may still have to pull the night shift from 12-2am in the morning (or beyond) with a sick child.

Not overlooking, too, the woman who is not married, but wants to be? Who doesn’t have children, but desires them? Did we think that she was just doing nothing?!?! No! Most of the time she’s filling in the gaps for the before-mentioned friend that sometimes forgets that her ride-or-die who is ALWAYS available needs to be seen too.


Yet still, there are other women, who fall into either of the aforementioned categories, who are now dealing with the bad report, job loss, the wayward child, recent divorce, or the unfavorable health diagnosis for themselves, their spouse, child, or their aging parent. Still, she is expected to continue on her original journey AND take on THIS NEW CHALLENGE.

Can she do it?

Of course she can.

I believe women were built different because we are different. We are strong and resilient. We are creators and visionaries who make things happen.

BUT…we are human. And humans need support and engagement. That’s how we refuel.

Friendship Requires Support

Have you ever noticed you can get good rest from some alone time or a vacation, but you get your energy from being around people you like? It’s true. Think about the someone who brings you joy and energy regardless of how tired you are. I bet you smiled just thinking about them.

The cycle of life never stops. It just takes different shapes and has different stages of development.

It grows differently from person to person and happens at different times. We’re always growing; especially in those times that seem like darkness and nothingness. Remember that’s the planting…the pruning. The necessary components to our growth. And with anything that grows…it needs support.

So…back to the BRA thing.

Do you have the right BRA-S? The right friendship support?

Depending on where we are in life, we need supporters in different BRA categories. We need Battle-Ready Reinforcement and Assistance in our friendships.

5 BRA-S of Friendship

So here goes…We may need:

  1. Training BRA-S – These friends DON’T DO MUCH TO HELP OUR DEVELOPMENT, but they help us develop a better understanding of friendship and support, and help us to understand what types of friends and support we really desire. These friends aren’t useless. We will still grow to appreciate them, though it may seem like they didn’t serve much of a purpose at first. In time, their roles may shift over OR out.  
  2. Soft-Cup BRA-S – These friends are KIND and FLEXIBLE. These friends provide just enough support, but are not overbearing. They give you just the amount of space you need. These friends may not be your tightest…but they offer support nonetheless.
  3. Sports BRA-S – These friends are stronger than they look. They have you covered more than you think. They may not be around every day, but when you need EXTRA REINFORCEMENT or things get ready to “jump off” (LOL), they’ve got your back.
  4. Built-In BRA-S – These friends are family, and may actually be a sister or cousin, or a friend that has been your friend so long she seems like family. These friends…You don’t need to ask. You don’t need to tell. They already know…and THEY ARE THERE. PERIOD.
  5. Underwire BRA-S – When things get heavy, these are the friends who HOLD YOU UP. They pray for you, support you, tell you the truth…even if you don’t want to hear it. They give you extra back support and help to lift your shoulders.

Who are your BRA-S in Friendship?

Now, you tell me, who’s your support system? Do you have you some good BRA-S (Battle-Ready Reinforcement and Assistance)? Or is it time for a new fitting? Because always remember, just like with an actual bra, even when you know your size, you still may have to make some adjustments. I’m just saying…

So, in honor of my support system and in recognition Women’s History Month, I would like to acknowledge the fabulous and dynamic women in my life who keep me grounded, prayed-up, safe, confident, encouraged, and determined to walk in my purpose and finish my course. Thank you for believing in me, loving me, trusting me, and having my back. ALWAYS. Like good BRAS should. You all are better than my best bra, because hanging with you makes me feel comfortable. 😊 (I’m so corny)

So I’ll ask again, who do you depend on for support? Drop a comment and acknowledge the special BRA-S in your life. If you don’t have a BRA, you need to identify one. This life can sometimes get too heavy to be out here unsupported.  

Love you and I mean it. ~Dawn~

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Dawn Charleston-Green has learned the importance and significance of appreciating the dawning; having experienced her share of darkness through the test and trials of life. And though she has had her own Luke 22:31 experience of "being sifted as wheat," she accepts the call to action to now that she has overcome, and her faith did not fail, to go back and strengthen other women. Dawn is the founder and creator of Dawn of a New Day 365. The Dawn of a New Day 365 movement focuses on women journeying through everyday life--the good, the bad, the unexpected, and the ugly; overcoming with TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY, seeking TRANSFORMATION. Join the movement into your dawning. Follow Dawn of a New Day 365 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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