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Hindsight is 2020: Can you see it now?

Hindsight is 20/20…LITERALLY! To reflect back to words sung by the late Mahalia Jackson, “My soul looks back and wonders…how I made it over.”

Happy New Year, Y’all! Can you believe it? After a year that completely caught us off guard from the very beginning…When it seemed there was no end in sight to the deaths, grief, tragedies, storms (natural and internal), riots, racism, politics and mayhem…SOMEHOW…we made it.

Perfect Vision

Our false perspective of a pretty picture.

Most of us started the year referring to 2020 as “The Year of Perfect Vision.” But our conceived thought of “perfect vision” was just that…PERFECTION…beauty, success, wealth, peace…all rolled up into one. Most of us somehow saw this perfect picture. No clouds or gray skies. Just sun, clear waters, rich greenery and colors. That’s what we’ve grown accustomed to imagining perfection is. In other words, we paint a pretty picture. But the reality is…most pretty pictures are just that…PICTURES. An image that we’ve created. A picture doesn’t prove authenticity.

I saw an Instagram post recently that said something like,

“Don’t be envious of what’s in the picture. This is not my life. Don’t let the square fool you.”

But how many of us are fooled by the squares? How many of us work to create the perfect squares? Ah! 🙋🏽‍♀️


What we had imagined for 2020 was far from a “perfect picture”; but I do believe 2020 offered the perfect INSIGHT and REFLECTION into who we were as individuals, mankind, as nations, and in our beliefs; whether those beliefs be individual, family, cultural, political, or religious. 2020 pulled back the veils of what we aspired to have, what we had, what we needed and who we really were. However, some of those things were difficult to process in their totality until now. Yes, now that we’ve crossed the threshold into 2021 and look back from whence we came, we realize the vision 2020 would provide would be in HINDSIGHT.

Twenty-twenty hindsight is a term defined as the full knowledge and complete understanding that one has about an event ONLY AFTER it has happened.

I think we all can now agree that though our touches may have been limited 2020, our other senses were very heightened. Though we didn’t physically touch, we definitely saw and heard and sensed.

The Hindsight for the History Books

It goes without saying that 2020 will go down in the history books as year like never before. Yep! We made history, rewrote history, lost history, and repeated history all in the same year.

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This was the first time in this modern era that EVERYONE had to stand still, watch, and acknowledge what was happening…all at the same time. And I think we all have to admit, no matter what your personality type, race, gender, socioeconomic background, or political affiliation…2020 was A LOT!

The Hindsight of Doing It Scared

It was definitely a year of uncertainty; but somehow in all the uncertainty we learned who we truly were without all the stuff and busyness. We learned what we really needed and who we really needed. Yet, though 2020 was a year of loss for so many, the pandemic was real and IS real, and so many experienced tragedy and loss; there were still others who found their voices, their niches, their callings, and purposes…who rose to the occasion to start businesses, blogs, new careers, go back to school, be better parents, lovers, and better stewards in life.

Dawn of a New Day 365 Life Blog

Consider me! I started this blog, which not only allowed me to process through some difficult times for myself; but it allowed me to connect with hundreds of other great and phenomenal women who shared their stories and testimonies, in order to inform and encourage other women. Some even went on to start their own blogs and pursuits; and I am rooting for them all.

The Hindsight of Faith

My husband and I stepped out on faith in January 2020 and started a church. Well, you know how that went. In March, rather than the doors of the church being opened, they were closed. INDEFINITELY. Yet, somehow, our ministry and so many others continued to grow…IN FAITH…not religion. 

It took some churches and pastors awhile to adjust to this previously unfathomable form of attendance (particularly smaller congregations); but eventually most churches figured it out. The key? SOCIAL MEDIA IS YOUR FRIEND. Church with no walls pushed many spiritual leaders outside of their comfort zones; but it was just the push needed. Others, truth be told, needed the rest just like everybody else. Teaching the lesson that every “good thing” isn’t necessarily a “God thing.” If you ask me, God left the church building because that was never where he expected to be confined to. That’s 20/20 hindsight for real. Can the CHURCH say, Amen?!

The Hindsight of Maturity

I saw a meme that said something like,

“If you think 20 is a mess now, just wait til it turns 21 and starts drinking.” 🤣

I hollered! But, funny as it was, I can’t prescribe to that notion. I’d rather like to think of (20)21 as a coming of age that yields maturity, responsibility, accountability, purpose, and intentionality.

Just like the age 21 signifies being “grown”…let’s let moving into a New Year of 21 show how much we’ve all GROWN.

I waited to publish this blog on January 8th for a reason. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

And I am so blessed to have witnessed another year of life, health, and provision. At 47, I take nothing for granted. I’m definitely good and grown. But MY…how I’ve grown. And my hindsight tells me that I’m blessed to be alive and doing well. Regardless of how it may have seemed at times.

The Hindsight of Taking the Good with the Bad

Like so many, 2020 was a year of not only grief, but anxiousness and frustration. I liked having time to retreat and connect back to my immediate circle. But after so long, I’ll just be honest… that circle felt like it was choking me.

Learn-from-home has proven to be great for my daughter; but for her mom, it almost took me out of here around October/November. Your girl was NOT OK. Being confined to my house and not having an outlet was literally DE-PRESSING. My husband was rushing home from work to get away from it all, and I wanted to rush out the door and leave him with it all. “You can have it, Bruh.” Seriously.

But nevertheless…we’re making it. Just another semester go. My prayer is that I don’t miss these moments or take them for granted wishing for something different. I trust I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. With that, I continue to pray for strength and grace.

The Hindsight of the Holidays

Dawn Charleston-Green - Christmas Photo
A Christmas to Remember

The holidays did seem to bring in the normalcy of pleasantry and hope that was needed. I know I wrote, back in August, about the early commercialization of Christmas and it being too much too soon. But your girl had to eat her words…because after Thanksgiving… I decked the halls with balls of holly and then some. Fa-la-LOL-Fa-la-Lol!

But it felt good. I didn’t realize just how much I needed that.

I missed my parents visiting; but I was able to connect with them and other family members via Zoom on Christmas Day, to greet each other and to pray. We did the same for New Years Eve. And though some may feel Zoomed out, for many in our family it’s like their lifeline.

The Hindsight of Reconnection

The Morris Family Weekly Zoom Call

The hindsight of 2020…it connected the branches of my family in ways that I couldn’t have ever imagined. Each week, since March, our family has been connecting. It does my heart good to greet not only my Louisiana family; but my uncle and cousins in California; cousins in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Washington, Colorado, and even Hawaii.

Oh yes! The pandemic may have seemed to have weakened us some, but it took a family tree whose branches were sagging and cultivated them with stories of a rich strong history, some love and support…and in a matter of months…that once sagging tree had fortified its branches, the leaves sprouted and flowers began to bloom.

Though we experienced some pruning throughout the year of those we lost and those who were affected by the virus, those things just made our old tree stronger for the next season and the next generation. Oh yes! Some sessions are even recorded and archived so that we can share our “roots” with the generations that will come after us. We’ll talk about how the Year 2020 restored and reunited our family.

The Hindsight of Reconciliation

Keeping in line with restoration, 2020 also brought about reconciliation. This past season of quarantine, shelter-in-place, or isolation (whatever you called it) gave us a lot of time to think and reflect on people and relationships. Because death’s angel fails to discriminate, especially during a pandemic, we realized how valuable life is and how important human interaction is. 

After a while you realize, whatever it was that had come between the relationship or friendship before wasn’t worth continuing. Life and death are real and will come to us all. But the true reality of how fleeting life actually is… was more evident in 2020. I’m grateful that I was able to reconcile three relationships. All broken in different seasons in my life, but all mended in 2020. How “perfect” is that in hindsight? 


As is my normal practice, and seems even more appropriate for THIS New Year 2021; I will submit to 21 days of prayer and fasting to refocus, re-center, and refortify my relationship with God. Refrain from some things and commit to others to help me to gain a clear perspective on how I need to proceed.

My “God-fueled” goal is to continue to pursue and walk in my purpose with intentionality. Recognizing that every day is a NEW day.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. “

2 Corinthians 5:17

If this is not something you’re accustomed to doing, I encourage you to try it. Take 21 days to make a new habit or refrain from an old one. During this time take time to pray, mediate, remove the garble that plagues and interrupts your thoughts; so that you can not only think clearly, but so that you can hear clearly. Being intentional in these areas keeps us fruitful and consistent. Here are a few tips.

  • Set some intentional, achievable, and measurable goals.

Listen, don’t just be out here willy-nilly.” Have a method to the madness. A plan and reason. Something you can set a timeline for and adjust if needed. Write it down. I always say, “An unwritten vision becomes scattered thoughts.”

  • Identify an accountability partner.

It’s usually easy to start out strong. It’s during the middle and end where things begin to get tough. Having a partner to stand with to motivate and encourage each other is a beautiful thing. One is always strong when the other is weak, and can help to lift the other up when unmotivated or unproductive. 

  • Look to change some things.

Change your financial habits, your health, your décor, your hair, your wardrobe. Sometimes it helps to change some things to help us get into a better mindset. Remember, I talked about removing clutter before. Please let’s not bring clutter into 2021. Don’t we have enough to remember?!

Heck, you may even have to change some relationships and spaces in order to step into this new season of life.

Hindsight and Beyond

Hindsight being 2020, we learned what we may have acquired pre-pandemic was what we wanted….but what we wanted doesn’t exactly equate to what we need. Enjoy this life. live. Love. Laugh.

Going forward, use 2020 as hindsight. As you embrace this New Year, whatever you do, let it be refreshing…rewarding… purposeful…and for you. Always keep in mind, the world reaps the benefits of you being your best self. So know that it’s ok to be self-confident, have self-awareness and know your self-worth. These all equate to ensuring your own self-care. Do you, Boo! And love every minute of it. 

Dawn Charleston-Green - 47th Birthday Photo

Cheers to a New Year and another New Dawn-ing. Something new is just over the horizon.  ~Dawn~  ☀

Hello Sunshine!

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About Dawn N. Charleston-Green

Dawn Charleston-Green has learned the importance and significance of appreciating the dawning; having experienced her share of darkness through the test and trials of life. And though she has had her own Luke 22:31 experience of "being sifted as wheat," she accepts the call to action to now that she has overcome, and her faith did not fail, to go back and strengthen other women. Dawn is the founder and creator of Dawn of a New Day 365. The Dawn of a New Day 365 movement focuses on women journeying through everyday life--the good, the bad, the unexpected, and the ugly; overcoming with TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY, seeking TRANSFORMATION. Join the movement into your dawning. Follow Dawn of a New Day 365 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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  1. lenay1979 says:

    Dawn you are such an incredible writer, you have the ability to draw your audience in. I so love reading your pieces and I thank God for your insight!!

    1. Thank you so much, Ms. Lenay!!! Your encouragement is everything to me. I appreciate your support and your prayers. 😊❤️🙏🏾

  2. Jocelyn Alcala says:

    Great read. I pray that even when we return to “normal” we can keep the lessons we learned in 2020 in the front of our mind. Gratitude was my biggest lesson! Everything is better with gratitude.

    1. Absolutely!!! And I am so grateful for you. Who’s coming where? You can come here or I can come to the Chi 😊

  3. tamavlee says:

    As always I was truly blessed by your transparent insightfulness. 2020 was ALOT both good and bad but we made it through, together. I celebrate you not only today, your birthday, but everyday because you are a true gift.

    1. Thank you Tama! You just know how to make a cousin feel so special 😊

  4. Candea Aarons says:

    You’re so beautiful Sis. I’ll see you this coming week. Happy Birthday I Love You❤❤❤

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