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Holiday Commercialization Too Soon?

woman with wine glass standing near christmas tree and decorated table

Holiday Commercialization….here we go…again!! I swear each year the time keeps getting earlier and earlier. And I’m not just talking about school.

My family and I stepped out on this past Sunday simply to buy a stool for our daughter’s new desk. She is among those students learning virtually from home this school year. So we are trying to create a learning space for her that will be conducive to better focus, concentration, and success.

The virtual learners in our district actually started almost two weeks after those returning to the schools themselves. I won’t complain about that. I always felt that starting the first week of August was too early anyway. What happened to the days of going back to school after Labor Day and getting out just before Memorial Day Weekend?

And NOW I have to also ask…What seriously happened to going back to school once we actually figure out if it is safe for anyone to go back. I’m just saying.

Returning to School

I know I’m not the only parent, or even concerned or conscience person, who does not feel comfortable that we as a Nation have even considered sending our children back to school, but we haven’t decided if we should fully play sports. Or better yet, how many people can be in Walmart at one time on a particular aisle.

Yes, I am just as tired (and sometimes overwhelmed) as everyone else by having to at all times be everything for my daughter. However, this notion is the least of my concern when I think of her health and the health of so many others.

Thankfully, my daughter has corona-privilege and can have the virtual option. Some families are not able to make that choice.

Anyway…August is still Summertime. And in Hot-Georgia the temperatures are really too high, in my opinion, to do anything aside from laying out on a beach or beside a pool, or running through the water sprinklers. Thinking of nothing more than getting a popsicle, some ice cream, or a snow cone. Nevertheless, even before the pandemic, the children in our area would have been heading back to school early August.

Too Much…Too Soon?!

Now..I just said that August is still considered summertime. Grueling temperatures. Sun. Humidity. Sweat.

Sunday was August 16th to be exact. So then, why, after trying to find the coolest thing I could put on to get out into the summer heat to find this stool….did I walk through the front doors of a home store to be met by rows of Christmas trees??? White ones. Trees frocked with the fake snow and lights. Why? Have I already mentioned that it’s still August?


I literally wanted to turn around and walk right out the store, but I couldn’t….because I was overcome in disbelief by the HUGE blow up goblin smack dab in the middle of the center aisle.

You have got to be kidding me!?!?

So I walked down just so I could see. Oh wait! Just before the goblin is a well put together Thanksgiving display. Really?!?! Thanksgiving?!?! And even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I really could stand not to bring it to mind until November 1st.

Dawn walks into atHOME Store to find that the Holidays are already in full-effect

Before the pandemic the early advertisements for holiday preparedness was a bit much. BUT now…in 2020…it’s really overkill.

To Each Their Own

My husband and children also observed the excessive display of holiday décor while we were out. My daughter was, of course, elated by all the displays. She, who sings “Jingle Bells” in July, is always thinking ahead to either her birthday or Christmas a year in advance. Well, just call me Dawnie Downer; because I DO NOT allow her to pull me into that space with her. “Think about it in your head, Honey; but I don’t want to hear anything about a jingle or a bell UNTIL (at the most) a month out!”

My son just shakes his head and laughs at me; because he knows that his mother is having an anxiety attack on the inside from all the displays.

The hubby?? Oh he goes deep!

“It’s a delusion to pull us away from the true intent and meaning behind the holiday. It’s also a delusion because it makes people think about the freedom of being off, while at the same time putting them into the bondage of overspending and debt.”

Leon G.

He has a point. Does everyone truly think about we women and men who have served our country on Veteran’s Day; or are some people looking forward to saving on a good mattress? I’m sure you probably thought about a few of the commercials while you were reading.

I reached out to a friend and asked what she thought about the early advertisements before the holidays, and she had this to say,

Well, typically I am just annoyed by it, but this year I am extra grumpy because I’m sweating extra because of my mask…while staring at snow capped nutcrackers. In August. In Georgia. And my car says it’s 101º .

Lindsey D.

To which I hollered. Lindsey is so right, and she feels my Georgia pain.

Are we really all suppose to succumb to the pressure of decking the halls with balls of holly this year? Will these images of holiday cheer somehow take our minds off of the challenges our children and their teachers are facing right now? I really don’t feel like these two things (back-to-school and the end-of-year holidays) go together at all; and they really shouldn’t be occupying the same place in the stores or in our minds.

Yes! I do recall what I wrote last week about being able to safely engage and connect even during a pandemic. However, there is already enough stress with the day-to-day comings and now NOT GOINGS without the added commercialization of the holidays. Things are not normal people.

Though some may have jokingly complained about not being able to buy certain items in bulk back in March (like toilet paper); the truth is, there really have been others who have been destitute during this pandemic. If we consider the number of people who during this pandemic lost their jobs, not to mention those who have lost loved ones; why would we now try to use commercial tactics to focus on spending money that people don’t have… to buy things people really don’t need?

If households are unstable financially and emotionally on a regular day, are they actually concerned about how the house will be decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas? Maybe they are.

Another friend who I reached out to brought up a point,

“This is just CORONAWORLD! The market is capitalizing upon our general malaise and communal DEPRESSION.”

Chelsea D.

I agree with Chelsea. This is an economy move. And I get it. But to play on our vulnerable emotions by advertising for October, November, AND December in August; it is too much. Are people really in that much need of normalcy that they would purchase (in this season) unneeded items? Maybe so.

My thoughts are, who is coming over to see the new decorations? I’m gonna have the same red and black buffalo plaid décor I had for 2019. And I somewhat hope that by doing so I can get a do-over. Yes! Let’s do the whole thing over so this time we can have better focus and strategies for going forward. LOL! If perhaps my parents decide to visit us for Christmas again this year, I think they’ll be so thrilled to see the family…that last year’s buffalo plaid will seem like a bonus.

My friend, Treska, has similar views about over-commercialization.

“I think we as a society have already commercialized the religious holidays as is; and now there’s no focus on enjoyment of the seasons and appreciation of the “moment.” We are such a microwave society. I truly believe this is why our younger generations have trouble taking life slow and enjoying each day we’re blessed to see.”

Treska M.

Great point. And again, can our children just focus on school right now?!

The Switch

I’ve learned, however, not everyone shares these sentiments about early displays for the holidays. In fact, I was surprised when I polled the ladies in my family to ask their thoughts on the commercialization of the holidays. My mom responded,

“No need to wait until the last minute.”

Lynda S.

What?!?! This is a change. Procrastination, or should I say…last-minute inspiration is one of our family values. LOL! So now in 2020 we need to start doing it ahead of time?!?! OK! Lessons learned. Valid.

Likewise, my cousin said,

“I normally don’t like when [stores] do that because it feels like we can’t enjoy one moment without being rushed to the next; but now it feels like everyone is just saying, ‘LET’S GET THIS YEAR OVER WITH!’ Which…I’m kinda at that point. 😂

Anna T.

That’s one way of looking at it, for sure!

Her mom, who grew up with me like a sister, was on the complete opposite end of my spectrum said,

“I’m here for All Things Festive! Bring it! 🥳🎃🦃🎄🎅🏾🎁❄☃❤

Donna, H.

Wow! Well, I’m glad I asked.

Weighing Thoughts

Maybe some festivities are just what some people need for a sense of normalcy. And if that’s the case…I support it. Especially if it’s at their own discretion, and not being forced down their throats; or playing on volatile emotions.

My hope is that we won’t be tricked again into the habits we hesitantly, but desperately, needed to rid ourselves of. Yes, celebration and gift giving have always been ways to show love and appreciation for those we care about; but haven’t we learned that true physical and emotional connections with the ones we love are far more important? I believe, if 2020 has helped us do anything, it has helped us to put things into perspective; especially the important things and relationships.

2020 has offered a lot of wake-up calls; and being (or needing to be) in our best state of mind should be one of them? Most of us felt blindsided by 2020. We were completely unprepared and caught off guard. So…now that our guard is up, can we be intentional about protecting ourselves against undue stress that society and commercialization puts on us?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think 2020 has been scary enough without me decorating for Halloween. In fact, this whole year has already felt like Halloween. It’s brought both TRICKS and TREATS of its own. Besides, is anyone going to allow their children to roam the neighborhood, going from house to house, to get candy from their neighbors? Just asking.

Personally, I like all my holidays separate. I don’t even want to discuss one until the other is over. Why? Well for me… holidays have settings, temperatures, and smells that make them unique. The weather. The sky. The trees. They have colors. Whether dull or vibrant. Full or empty. Green or yellowish-brown, or barren even. They all set the scene and mood for the season. If we rush in anxiousness to one, we miss the details of the other.

Now, these are my thoughts. I realize now, however, that not everyone feels this way. Yes, some agree that our holidays have been and are continuing (even in a pandemic) to be commercialized; but some feel that the early displays offer the normalcy that we’ve hoped for. That despite how we’ve felt during 2020, the holiday season is still coming, and we can have something to look forward to with those we care about.

2020 has definitely taught us that everyday counts. As well as…every visit, every semester, every Sunday service, every game, every milestone, and every.

Everything counts.

SO I SAY… let’s do ourselves a favor and enjoy the moment we’re in. Remember, we got in trouble the first time rushing through life. In case you didn’t know…this month is August. Let’s first figure out how to keep our children safe in school, or how to login correctly to Google Classroom. Once that’s done, we can figure out the best approach for navigating the coming holidays.

And I believe the togetherness…will be all the decorations and gifts we’ll need.

But in case you still need to buy school supplies, they’re right past the Christmas trees, skeletons, and turkeys on the right. Stay focused, and remember what you’re shopping for. And may that be…whatever helps you fulfill the season YOU’RE in.

See! I do like the holidays. But can you see what I mean about the colors that each season brings? Thanksgiving reminds me of my anniversary. I don’t rush. I savor each moment I’m with this man.

Let me know your thoughts about the holidays. Are advertisers doing too much too soon, or are your ready for it all? Drop me a line or two in the comments, and don’t forget to LIKE ⭐and FOLLOW me here on WordPress, so you’ll be notified whenever I post new content.

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