Rip Me Out the Plastic: 7 Steps to Achieve a Fresh Start this Season

This article encourages women to find inspiration and guidance from the Word of God and to commit to carrying out their goals. As we approach a new season, it is important to go in with fresh eyes, a fresh mindset, fresh ideas, and fresh habits to avoid getting caught in the mental traps and debilitating behaviors of the past that hinder growth. To embrace growth, we need to be intentional, reconcile past hurts, persevere through change, and avoid stagnancy and complacency. This article provides 7 steps to help you achieve a fresh start and push through to new levels of growth and success. Whether it’s a small goal or a big goal, these suggestions will help you make the most of this new beginning and take the plastic off that’s suffocating you to breathe fresh air and start acting brand new in the life intended for you. So go ahead…Rip the plastic towards a fresh start.

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How to Push Through Struggles and Become the MVP

Struggling in life is something we all go through, and it can feel like we’re not performing at our best. However, just because you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. When we’re facing struggles, it’s easy to consider giving up and losing hope. But it’s vital to our livelihood to keep pushing forward and trusting in God for what’s ahead. We must shift our mindset away from negative thoughts about ourselves and understand the role or position we’re in during this season so that we can operate in it more effectively. We also can’t function completely void of others, so we must build strong relationships that foster growth, resilience, and success. Remember, our struggles do not define us, and we have the power to push through and become the Most Valuable Player in our story. The overall goal for all of us is to fulfill our purpose, not just to achieve the accomplishments.

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7 Steps to Creating Time with God

7 Steps to Creating Time with God: A Checklist and Step-by-Step Guide (with free printable download!)

A glimpse inside this blog: If you are looking to develop and/or deepen your faith walk, the 7 Beginning Steps to Devoting Daily Time with God – Checklist and Step-by-Step Guide is a step in the right direction. This checklist and guide come with a FREE 18-page printable PDF version for your convenience.

The guide provides steps to help you set a daily atmosphere for communing with God, in a way that yields connecting and understanding. I use and created this checklist to help bring structure and routine to my own daily time with God. Because women have often asked me what I do to maintain my faith and to stay prayerful, I decided to share it.

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4-Gift Rule: Release Yourself from the Stress of the Holidays

Release yourself from the financial pressures of the Holidays by using this simple rule. If you are tired of over-spending for Christmas and tired of the stress and burden that comes with it; you’ll appreciate this helpful tip that helps lead to financial freedom and less stress

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10 Best Engagement and Event Considerations for 2020: How Can We Still Connect and Celebrate in a Pandemic?

With the holidays approaching I know that many of us are a bit anxious to decide what we’re going to do to still give ourselves a sense of normalcy while at the same time maintaining safe social distancing practices. This task will be more than a notion, but it can be done.

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